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Internet is all about sharing if it isn’t for sharing Internet will die. We share everything from funny cat videos to our selfies and sometimes videos that shouldn’t be share. Keeping this chain Internet is overwhelmed with Dubsmash Videos. From common people to celebrity everyone is enjoying dubsmashing them and sharing it on internet.

We all made our Dubsmash Video and they all are great but when Celebrity made Dubsmash video is even funnier. Watching our favorite celebrity in a very comic way is something we all want. So here we are presenting 10 Funniest Celebrity Dubsmash Videos.

1. Alia Bhatt’s Cuteness

2. Farhan Akthar doing Amrish Puri
3. Salman Khan’s Shotgun

4. Anil Kapoor is Crime Master

5. Po Po Honey Singh

6. Virat’s Debut

7. Sania Mirza’s Hyderabadi Andaaz

8. Yuvraj Singh doing NaMo

9. Kings XI Punjab Dunbmashing

10. Ashwin’s Swag


If you think we missed any funny Video then please comment below and Keep Making Dubsmash Video.


You switch on the news and all you see is some news of corrupt politicians or about Rape, especially if you are watching it on a Foreign News Channel. It’s good that they report all these things on their channel but all the time, if there is some news about India is always bad. They never show the good things about India which happens a lot.

When we sent our Mars Mission all they did is defame us, by saying we spent money on this except we should feed our poor. When we made our military stronger all they show is how much money we are spending.

This has became the only topic for Western Media, abuse India and enjoy high viewership.

But don’t worry they can show all the bad aspects about our country but here we will show all the awesome things about our country.

1. Slumdog Millionaire is not true.

All Danny Boyle did is to show the poor side of India and grabbed the Oscar; well the truth is that India is not like what they showed in film. There are poor people but not every part of India is like this.

2. India is beautiful

From East to West and South to North India is beautiful, From Metropolitan to Natural Beauty we have all in our great country. So just because a film showed you something it doesn’t mean that our country is not beautiful.

3. Indian Culture

Indian culture consist of many cultures, every part, every region, every state have different culture and its amazing. And What Media dot show you is that Indian Culture is most admired culture all over the world and it fascinates a lot of people.

4. Unity in Diversity

I don’t know why western media always try to show that people in India are not happy with each other, they show that Hindus hate Muslims and Muslims hate Hindus but this is wrong. We have few jerks but overall we leave very peaceful and we love and respect each other.

5. Muslims in India

Many media house report that India is not friendly with Muslims, well let me tell you something There are 300,000 active mosques in India , more than in any other country, including the Muslim world.

6. Education in India

I may come to you as surprise but India has the second largest pool of Scientist and Engineers in the World.

7. Talking with Girls

The popular TV Series Big Bang Theory has created a stereotype that Indians can’t talk to women unless we consume alcohol but that is wrong on so many level.

8. Indian Food

All we eat is rich spicy curries which are full of masala. Well that’s not completely true, Indian Food consist of food all over from India which is a very wide range many we wider than whole Europe. So there are many places where we use spicy and there are many where people use almost no spicy. And all our food is also not curry based.

9. Indian Language

First things “Indian” is not a language; you might be confused with “Hindi”. Second not all Indians speak “Hindi” ,yes almost 40% Indians speak Hindi. India with is diversity have more than 30 languages which is spoken by more than million native speakers. According to Census of India of 2001, India has 122 major languages and 1599 other languages.



10. Inventions

Western Media won’t tell you that “Zero” was given by India and also the value of “Pie” is also given by an Indian Scientist Aryabhatta.

11. Indian Women

Indian women are well established and modern in every aspect of life. We don’t hold them back, they are independent. From Army to IT Women are in every field.

12. Snake Charmers

There was a time when Snake Charmers were very common but now due to strong Animal Rights and other government inference they are almost extinct. So dear Western Media stop showing us as “Land of Snake Charmers”

13. Indian Cinema

India produces more films than Hollywood. More than 1600 films in various languages of India were produced annually. Take that Hollywood!

14. Valyrian Steel

The description of the Game of Thrones’ epic Valyrian steel is taken from Wootz steel, which is characterized by a pattern of bands of micro carbides within a tempered pearlite matrix. This unique steel matrix was developed in the sixth century BC in the Deccan Plateau, South India. The word wootz was also derived from ukku(ఉక్కు) which means steel in Dravidian languages.

15. Rapes in India

There are cases of rapes in India and we are trying our best to stop them but its not how Media hows you. Let’s talk with statistics, Rape rate per 100,000 people- India 1.8, USA 27.3, UK – 28.8 South Africa – 120. Decide yourself.


We are not saying that our country is perfect but it is also not like what Western Media projects to you. Hope you get the real picture of India and do not believe in the Media propaganda.

Visit India once and you will fall in love forever.

Jai Hind.




21st June 2015, the first International Yoga Day now that’s some proud stuff for our heritage. People from all over the world joined this initiative led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After doing Yoga with more than 35000 kids at Raj Path PM Modi was in news but for a different reason. The reason was what he did during the Yoga. Apparently he insulted our National Flag by wearing it around his neck and using it to wipe his sweat. Now that’s bad, that’s outrageous but did he really insulted the flag. Our it was just some social Media campaign to defame Modi by some other Political Parties.

Well our Media is accusing him of insulting the flag but the reality is that he was not even wearing a flag around his neck, yes! He was wearing a “muffler” which was in “tricolor”. Ok let me just copy paste the words of a Quora User “Suraj Chavan”, he has explained it in a very informative way –

According to the Flag code of India –

The Indian flag has a ratio of two by three (where the length of the flag is 1.5 times that of the width). All three stripes of the flag (saffron, white and green) are to be equal in width and length. The size  of the Ashoka Chakra was not specified in the Flag code, but it should  have twenty-four spokes that are evenly spaced. In section 4.3.1 of “IS1: Manufacturing standards for the Indian Flag”, there is a chart that details the size of the Ashoka Chakra on the nine specific sizes of the national flag. In both the Flag code and IS1, they call for the Ashoka Chakra to be printed or painted on both sides of the flag in navy blue. Below is the list of specified shades for all colors used on the national flag, with the exception of Navy Blue, from “IS1: Manufacturing standards for the Indian Flag” as defined in the 1931 CIE Color  Specifications. The navy blue colour can be found in the standard IS:1803-1973.


These are set rules for size and color of our flag

Modi Insulted Indian Flag


So Basically This is Indian Flag –

Indian Flag


And this –
modi yoga rajpath
It neither has a Ashoka Chakra nor does it have a length ratio of 2 by 3…



Thank you Suraj Chavan for explaining all this. 

Cover Photo Source





We have a long history with our neighbour Pakistan and this history is not very nice. After the partition when Pakistan came in existence the tensions are always high between these two countries. From border to internal both countries have faced violence especially with religion.

During the time of independence Pakistan had 22% of Hindus in the total population. But now they are just under 2%. The reason behind the decline of Hindus in Pakistan is mass killing and conversion.

But there are still some Hindus left in Pakistan who are at good place but they are often mocked by calling “Cow Worshipper” or by some derogatory words to defame “Hindus”.

One of the Hindu MP in Pakistan “Mr. Lal Malhi” broke his silence on this matter. He said that he was being mocked because he is a Hindu. He added that he is a Hindu and a Pakistani citizen and as a Hindu worshipping Cow is his faith and they should not mock him or defame his religion.

This video is from ongoing budget session in Pakistan.

Spoilers Duh!

Game of Thrones Season 5 final was heartbreaking for everyone even for Member of Parliament and Minister of Human Resource Development Smriti Irani. Our very own Minister was heartbroken when she saw the final of season 5.

And her reaction to GoT Season 5 final was like all of us, Surprised/Heartbroken/Sad.


Well to all Bhakts, it was just a joke so have a laugh and share!

No Offence!